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Goodmove specializes in workflow automation and business insight for Consumer Goods brands. We optimize your processes to improve daily operations while a dedicated development team surfaces key metrics on your business.


A platform like no other

Combine your integrations with intelligence

Gain insights from streamlined back-office operations and automation.

After integrating the various platforms your brand uses everyday, your custom development team is in a position to provide all kinds of proactive insights on your brand.

Whether it be for your sales, ops, support or marketing departments your data is organized and at your team's fingertips.

Plus any report or dashboard needs your team can dream up can be built - typically by the end of one business week!

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Every customer receives a 100% custom instance that is focused solely on your own brand


Our platform is ROI-focused, providing business improvement while saving you money


Our development team surfaces insights to you via custom dashboards and analytics


Powerful architecture that connects your platforms with security and monitoring built-in

Connectors Galore

Integrations that focus on your needs

Our competitors think a generic connector should work for all situations. We realize every brand is different and that one size doesn't fit all, especially across multiple systems.

We provide complete customization to all workflows which provides your brand with an unparalleled degree of flexibility.

Of most importance, as the needs of your business change the connectivity driving it does too - quick, cost effective scalability!

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NRI Distribution
Full Circle
Nu Order
Google Drive

Automate.   Execute.   Iterate.

Your 3 keys to digital transformation

Our platform is rooted in providing your brand with the ability to automate, execute and iterate on top of this foundation:

System Connectivity
We start by connecting the various online and offline processes your business uses today. Optimizing as much as we can with automation and removing redundancy, duct taped solutions, etc.

Dashboards + Business Insight
Once connected, the aggregate data from your various systems is used to drive business intelligence. This takes the form of custom dashboards, analytics, reporting, etc.

Advanced Modules
As you grow, your platform grows with you. Combining our baseline logic with custom development allows you to dictate how the most complex elements of your business run.

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Analyzing invoices for shipping, warehousing and manufacturing ensures all your billing is accurate.


Inventory availability is date driven. Let us tie it altogether to provide you with accurate 'At Once' reports.


Managing inventory and allocation across multiple channels is tricky. Adjust our baseline logic to fit your specific needs.


Time is money. Our built-in auditors keep track of open orders, inbound shipments and alert your team before issues arise.

Achieve rapid ROI with flexible plans

Growth-Driven Pricing

No hidden fees. As you grow, we grow.


For teams < 5

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  • Web App
  • Custom Knowledgebase
  • 24/7 Hosting + Monitoring

  • $2,500 Setup
  • 2 Platforms
    $200 per additional platform
  • 3 Flows
    $100 per additional flow
  • On-Demand Support
    additional purchase - 10 hour block
    ($800 - $80 per hour)
  • No Development Hours
    by project at $140 per hour


For teams of 5-15

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  • Web App
  • Custom Knowledgebase
  • 24/7 Hosting + Monitoring

  • Custom Setup
  • 5 Platforms
    $150 per additional platform
  • 15 Flows
    $50 per additional flow
  • 10 Support Hours
    additional purchase - 15 hour block
    ($1050 - $70 per hour)
  • 5 Development Hours
    additional hours at $120 per hour


For teams > 15

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  • Web App
  • Custom Knowledgebase
  • 24/7 Hosting + Monitoring

  • Custom Setup
  • Unlimited Platforms
    no additional costs
  • Unlimited Flows
    no additional costs
  • 20 Support Hours
    additional purchase - 20 hour block
    ($1200 - $60 per hour)
  • 20 Development Hours
    additional hours at $100 per hour

Not sure what's the best fit for you?

We are more than happy to discuss where you are today and put together a customized plan centered around you, your brand and long term goals. Our commitment is to long term relationships where we act as a scalable, technical extension to your business.

Why choose Goodmove?

Automation + Intelligence

Connected systems are a necessity in controlling costs, improving customer experience and driving new sales channels.

Plus once all your systems and workflows are integrated we focus on driving business intelligence via custom dashboards, reporting and analytics!

  • Integrations

    Over 60 back-office integrations with new ones added every week - verticals include: ERP, CRM, B2B, WMS, 3PL, DTC

  • People

    Deep expertise in supply chain, fulfillment, logistics and the associated systems required to run a brand globally

  • Support

    24/7 hosting, monitoring and helpdesk a click away


Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about our services?

Yes, our goal is to scale and work with each of our customers for the years ahead. We realize there's an ebb and flow with seasonality, strategy and other elements of doing business. In these situations we do our best to accommodate pricing and work on adjustments at either a monthly or quarterly level to find a fit that works for us both.

A platform is a system used within your business - eg. Shopify, Quickbooks, Netsuite, etc. each are considered a platform.

A flow is a number of steps that perform a specific task - eg. picking up new orders in Shopify and getting them to your 3PL for fulfillment.

We do our best to ensure all support tickets are answered within one business day. That said most are answered within a few hours.

Yes, you bet you can! Simply reach out to us and let us know what additional features / platforms you need that we don't currently offer. We're more than happy to build out additional functionality and connectivity. Flexibility and customization are at the core of what we do.

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